AAA Programs

Renew Expired Members

We call AAA Members. Memberships which have expired within the last 5 – 60 days.

Auto Renew Reject Calling

We call AAA members who agreed to put their membership on auto renewal but the credit card on file is not valid. We are calling these members to update their credit card information.

Pre-Expire Calling

We call members who are currently active. The purpose of this call is to renew the membership before it expires so the member will never be without coverage.

Auto Renewal Calling

We call active AAA members, asking if they would like to place their membership on auto renewal. The benefit of auto renewal is simply, convenience. We are calling to inform the member that this option is available. If they choose to do this, their membership will automatically renew on their credit card.

Insurance Calling

We call active AAA members to generate insurance leads. VForce agents either setup a follow-up appointment or transfer the live call to a AAA licensed insurance agent.

Inbound ERS Calls

VForce’s agents accept inbound ERS calls, entering the appropriate member data into AAA’s web-based ERS system, D3.

HUGS Calling

We are calling active AAA members. This is a customer service/education call. The purpose of our call is to THANK them for being a AAA member and to educate them on the many benefits of having a AAA membership!

State-of-the-art Expired Member Renewal Program

VForce’s expired member renewal program was 100% custom-built from the ground up in partnership with AAA Ohio Auto Club. Leveraging our high-caliber virtual workforce, on-demand CRM technology, state-of-the-art phone system and rich member data, AAA Clubs can now take a more sophisticated approach to renewing their expired members.

Our turn-key program is easily transferred from Club to Club with minimal disruption to current operations. We even offer expired member renewal pilot programs to let you sample our skills and experience the results of our calling efforts. Our pilot programs have a rapid set-up and launch effort to get you the answers you need quickly and with as little interruption to your operations as possible.

Our program will:

  • Increase expired member renewal rates – some of our AAA Clubs have experienced 5-10 point increases per month
  • Reduce operational and administrative costs by streamlining your renewal processes, using a virtual agent workforce and leveraging economies of scale for sophisticated technology
  • Reduce errors and improve efficiencies by leveraging our fulltime quality control managers and our sophisticated technology
  • Increase valuable marketing data and reporting by utilizing our robust database capabilities and gleaning findings from rich member data
  • Give access to VForce Auto Club Renewals team of experts in operations, marketing, IT and quality control
  • Give access to the VForce Auto Club Renewals highly talented Agents

Pilot Programs

VForce will…

1. Provide a dedicated program manager to your Club
2. Call expired members 0-60 days after expiration date
3. Own the expired member data for 90 days
4. Set up within 1-2 weeks
5. Promote AAA’s full suite of services
6. Perform a pilot program with any % of expired members
7. Give your Club full access to your instance of Five9
8. Provide custom daily reports designed for your Club
9. Give full access to all call recordings
10. Your Club will pay a % commission for all paid members (via any channel) assigned to VForce (for a period of 90-days from drop date)
11. Minimum of 25 dials-per-hour per agent
12. No setup fees
13. No database/phone system (Five9) fees
14. No phone/toll charges.
15. No data append charges (obtaining new phone numbers and identifying wireless VS landline)
16. Terms: Net 30
17. 90-day pilot program available

Setup Process

  • We will…assign a dedicated program manager. This individual will stay with you throughout the entire program

Expeditiously manage your program set-up including:

  • Creation of Club specific information (pricing, service offering, script creation)
  • Review of current technology (file type)
    • Interface options (format, timing, data transfers)
    • List management
  • Evaluation of business processes related to …
    • Expired Member Program
    • Any other program
  • Assessment of reporting and analytic needs
    • Create custom reports as needed
    • Add fields in Five9 as needed

Train our agents on your Club with an effort to keep the same team on your account:

  • Set up VForce program internally
  • Build custom instance of Five9 for your Club
  • Document processes and procedures
  • Get agents on phone to test scripting
  • Test data and list transfers between your Club and VForce
  • Provide draft reports for review and approval

Commission vs. Pay-For-Performance:

VForce receives the files 1-60 days past the member expiration date. We own the data for 90 days. Any memberships paid via any channel (phone, mail, store) during that timeframe, we will receive a commission. Why? Because we want our agents to take the time to really listen to the member. Often the call starts with the member saying “I don’t have a credit card.” That statement doesn’t change the attention our agents give the member. Our agents will still educate the member on all the benefits of AAA and encourage them to pay via the channel that is most convenient for them – no matter if that is in-store, through the mail, by calling in at a later date or with us on the phone.

Credit Card (Renewal) Processing

Five9’s robust Case Module is secure and keeps all payment transactions organized and easily accessible to approved personnel.

At VForce only credit card processing managers can access and process payments once the member has been renewed. Not only does this allow our agents to spend all of their time making calls, but also enables us to have credit card experts available to answer member questions as needed. All of our credit card transactions are processed the same day they are received.

Processing renewal payments is a service offered to AAA clubs, at no additional cost.  VForce employees are proficient in many AAA systems including, but not limited to MZP and Campana.

VForce is PCI and TCPA compliant.

Non-AAA Programs

After 11 years working with AAA Clubs across the nation, VForce is now extending tailored services to companies outside of the AAA community.

Our seasoned agents, state-of-the-art technology and call center know-how allows us to offer the following B2B/B2C programs:

  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Service Calls
  • Inbound and Outbound Sales/Prospecting Calls
  • Outbound Appointment Setting Calls
  • Inbound Order Taking Calls

VForce has been in the call center industry for nearly two decades. Prior to working with AAA Clubs, VForce helped grow the businesses of small, mid-size and large organizations by setting appointments with consumers, sales representatives and C-Level executives.

VForce is built on a solid foundation, has a proven track record and has a strong management team equipped to build custom programs to fit your needs.