On-Demand Technology

It is no longer vital to create and maintain your own IT infrastructure and house platforms and software locally to support your mission critical business needs. There is a better way with cloud computing.

Cloud computing provides everything you need via the Internet as a service. You no longer need to deploy, maintain, and access software applications, platforms and infrastructure locally. Instead, you can take advantage of these services virtually.

All of our technology is in the cloud. By outsourcing our technology we have the luxury of changing providers as advances in technology occur. That means we can stay ahead of the technology curve. All of our applications are web-based. Cloud-based technology tends to be compatible with other technology, making it easier to have disparate applications communicate with each other.

Unlimited Growth Capacity

Working in the “cloud” gives us unlimited capacity for growth as we simply add additional seat licenses as needed. So as your business grows, we grow with you.

Economies of Scale

Our systems and technology are sophisticated and expensive. Not all sized Clubs could afford them alone, but with economies of scale we can offer all Clubs our services at a very reasonable price. This is a similar concept as the cloud “multi tenant” approach (e.g. a high rise building can have a beautiful pool because all the tenants share in the cost. A single family home might not be able to afford such an extravagance). We take the same approach and still pass savings on to you even though overall technology expenses are increasing.


VForce has fully integrated AXIS (Campana) & Memberz Plus with Five9. Scribe is a software that resides on our secure server that allows us to tap into nearly any other software program or even a simple spreadsheet.

VForce attempts to automate all expired membership renewal processes.  Our management team is fully trained in the use of Campana/AXIS and Ross Group/Memberz Plus.  Our goal is to become a fully integrated part of your membership / renewal department.  For your peace of mind we maintain very high security protocols at all times.

Gaining access to your systems allows us to enter data real-time and also gain access to valuable member data.  Some of the AAA Clubs send us Excel spreadsheets containing expired member data at the beginning of each month other AAA Clubs are full integrated with our instance of Five9.  Once imported,  the data is automatically sent to our data appending company to remove bad numbers and update addresses.

We customize all reports to meet your requirements and email you an Excel file to download onto your desktop.  At anytime you can simply open the file and refresh the data to get the latest metrics.  We constantly are monitoring and analyzing the data on your behalf to identify trends and send you a report of our recommendations.

Dues Calculator

  • VForce custom built a dues and service calculator embedded into Five9
  • Agents have quick access to the exact information about your Club while they are on the phone with a member

Data Management

Security and integrity of data is very important at VForce.

Files can be transferred via our dedicated VPN, SFTP  or by using Five9’s secure File Management Module.

Data and credit card information are kept separate as to ensure VForce is PCI compliant.

Phone System/MRM

State-of-the-art On-demand CRM Software

VForce uses the best cloud on-demand CRM software on the market – Five9 (Five9). Five9 is a web-based contact management system and holds more than 65% of the market share in this space.

Why Five9?

Five9 has done a great job allowing other systems to integrate through their back-end API, giving us the ability to communicate with different systems.

Five9 can easily be customized to your needs. Adding any type of field or workflow rule only takes minutes.

Five9 is well known for its robust reporting and analytics. Based on your needs, we can offer you standard and custom reports.

Five9’s security is unmatched and supports our PCI compliance. Certifications include: ISO 27001, the SysTrust audit, and SysTrust SAS 70 Type II.

Five 9 is up to date on changes in telemarketing laws and supports our compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. VForce does not pre record calls or engage in the use of robo calls. VForce does not conduct business using text messages. We use a state of the art, TCPA manual dialer domain and identify wireless telephone numbers and land lines.

Five9 is a 100% web-based system that resides in the cloud. It is also fully integrated with VForce’s credit card processing system. With the Five9 phone system, we have seen improvements in call productivity and performance management. The capabilities of the Five9 Dialers are imperative to our business offering.

VForce is leveraging technology to create a local presence, if requested, meaning the caller ID shows a local telephone number. This effort has increased the number of answered calls by 51%. If local presence is not available, calls placed to members, identify that the call is from AAA, while showing a toll free telephone number (877-795-0568).

Do you want this?

VForce Auto Club Renewals uses a customized version of Five9.  We customize all of the fields and drop-downs to your specifications.  With the assistance of AAA Ohio Auto Club we have developed a turn-key MRM / database system designed exclusively for expired member renewals, that complies with telemarketing rules and regulations.

We are experts on the usage of Five9′s CRM system.  We can make changes usually within hours to ensure we are tracking and monitoring your member data to meet your needs.  Five9 is a robust CRM program that allows us to manage expired member data as if each member was a potential prospect.  By using robust contact management capabilities we are able to track and contact a much higher percentage of members.  In turn, renewing more expired members.



Zendesk and Five9 Reporting

  • VForce’s management team has real-time visibility into our agents productivity.
  • Five9 has a sophisticated analytics and reporting engine – giving us the tools we need to efficiently manage our agents and our calling programs.
  • We provide AAA clubs with daily custom reporting which includes the following information: Total Leads (households), “bad numbers”,  “cancelled” members, viable number of leads left to call, total number of calls placed to AAA members, total number of members that we spoke to, total number of households renewed via telephone, total number of households renewed via other channels (store, online, mail), daily sales dollar amount, daily conversion rate and number of memberships placed on auto renewal.