Our People

The Right Agents

Smart. Compassionate. Problem Solvers. The right qualifications really do matter. The best agents have key similarities, which include empathy, high levels of emotional intelligence and a knack for problem solving.
They are naturally motivated to make a difference and deliver exceptional experiences and customer service. We nurture those skillsets in a continuous learning environment enabling our agents to do their best work and achieve maximum potential.

We start by introducing them to our customer culture – one of respect, trust, and communication – a culture where we take care of each other. Our onboarding is interactive, and we leverage a robust virtual training program to create a strong foundation for learning. Our training extends beyond effective scripting, Q&A, and systems training. We build out real-life simulations so our agents can practice true-to-life experiences honing the skills of active listening, personalized engagement, and persuasive techniques while building rapport and offering solutions. They also learn the details of your brand, products and services, and are tested on their knowledge. Agents also have ongoing access to any of our courses if they want a refresher.

Afterwards we implement a nesting plan to support agents with their first set of calls. Our trainers monitor and guide agents during these first calls by answering questions and providing recommendations. This personalized coaching helps our agents successfully transition onto their new program with confidence.

Our US-based agents are dedicated and hardworking. Just as importantly, we foster an environment where they feel appreciated, valued, and fulfilled. At VForce, they enjoy the flexibility of working from home and having access to a support team that is invested in their success. We know being on the phones can sometimes be stressful and difficult. That is why we have spent so much time creating and providing all the tools and resources they need to thrive. The way we see it … when our agents grow as individuals, we grow as an organization!

“Everyone at VForce has treated me with so much respect and have made me feel part of a family. I have been working at VForce for 10 years and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I’m here for life! Thank you!”
- VForce Agent, Indianapolis Indiana