Enterprise-Class Security

We ensure that your business and customer data are always secure by aligning with rigorous security frameworks and privacy laws. Since we handle personal data every day, the security aspect of our database is of utmost importance.
By implementing multiple levels of security, your information is protected. We use industry-leading firewall software to protect your data from hackers, user authentication to safeguard against other Internet users, and multiple forms of protection from our hosting partner to guard against actual intruders.

Customized Integrations

We only use cloud-based business applications (SaaS) with public APIs which expand our possibilities for integrations. In the call center world, there’s an application or a software solution for everything. The challenge most companies face is getting their data to sync between all their different tools. At VForce, we have successfully integrated multiple best-in-breed, cloud-based and local systems creating a one-of-a-kind contact center solution.

Extensive Reporting

We are responsive to the ever-changing business landscape – using data to guide our decisions and testing to achieve breakthroughs. We utilize a large variety of real-time and historical reporting tools which gives us a complete picture of our contact center performance and helps us gain actionable insights that let us consistently achieve operational and strategic goals. We measure metrics daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually and adjust when necessary. We also track trends to gain actionable insights and credible data to help support strategic changes to your business and provide critical information you need to achieve executive buy-in.

PCI & TCPA Compliance

Our PCI security standards:

  • We built and maintain a secure network.
  • We protect cardholder data 
  • We Maintain a vulnerability management program 
  • We implemented strong access control measures 
  • We regularly monitor and test networks
  • We maintain an information security policy

Our TCPA guidelines:

  • We don’t call residences before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • We don’t use artificial agents or automated recorded calls
  • We maintain a Do Not Call (DNC) list of those who request not to be called
  • We honor DNC for five years
  • We provide our name and the name of the company for whom we are calling
  • We provide a telephone number or address of the company for whom we are calling